Alpha Course


At Admaston House…

The Alpha course is an introduction to the Christian Faith.

The course is set in an informal setting where you are free to discuss any questions you may have.



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“Alpha was such a wonderful experience for me.  The fact that
people in the group were so friendly and welcoming made me

return week after week.     However, in order to come to faith,
I first needed to open my mind before opening my heart.  I

needed practical answers, particularly on creation.  We had

some very interesting discussions but by failing to give me all
of the answers, science actually helped form my faith.  After

all, how can a wonderful, finely tuned planet such as ours be

created by anything else?  Since letting Jesus into my life I

feel I have gained a true friend that I can turn to at all times

without being judged for past misdemeanours.  A friend that

loves you and has only your best interests at

heart. ”

(Paul, 30)


“Once I had made a commitment I wanted to ask lots of

questions and I had a hunger to learn more.  I felt excited and

positive about what the future held for me.  I had no illusions

that my life was going to be easy now but I know that God is by

my side, walking with me and listening to me and I will draw my

strength from him. As I have grown in my Christian life and

experience, I have learned so much; things about my myself

(things I didn’t like sometimes) but most of all I have learned

what is important to me.  Everyday I trust God more with my

worries and the plans he has for my life because I know he

loves me and wants be to live a happy, purposeful life.